Hi there, welcome to my guestbook. Please sign it here.

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  1. homepage this web site is pretty creative and can see many photos as you told me…

    if you\’re interested, visit my website but several links require the Japanese font..sorry about that

  2. Wow …that\’s great to sign your book.. (i just want to have one on my page too ..ei ei)

    yeah. . nice page!
    ps. thanks again bout, now i have a good time with it. 🙂

  3. Great site, Pruek. Michael told me pix were posted on your website so I found this other one by searching. Looks great! I\’m glad I cleaned up my house somewhat that day!

  4. Hi, pruek

    This is strange-looking web far from you that i\’ve ever known you. So what about Donjaithai? I miss you and i hope you be happy. Moreover, Deep is broken up already….

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